School Class Routine 2022: Everyday class for PSC, SSC, HSC 2021, 2022

After being closed in educational institutions across the country for a long year and a half, Education Minister Dipu Moni has said that all educational institutions will finally be opened simultaneously on September 12.
So far, however, the university affiliated to the National University has not received approval to play varsity for students. As per the announcement of the Minister of Education, classes of six days a week have been arranged for SSC and HSC 2020 21 candidates.
If you are looking for all kinds of online exam routines then you have come to the right because we have published your routine here.

class routine 2022 12th September

The official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has published the exam routine for X students. We would like to inform those who have done it that we have published it for you. We hope you will collect it from here and download it easily.
  • 2022 (SSC and HSC) Candidates – 6 days a week.
  • 2022 (SSC and HSC) Candidates – Saturday and Sunday.
  • 6th class – Monday.
  • 8th class – Tuesday.
  • 8th class – Wednesday.
  • 9th class – Thursday.

class routine 2022 12th September Download

The Ministry of Education has said that the closure of educational institutions across the country will start from September 12. To this end, examination routines have been released for the students of each class. We have published the routines of each class.
If you find them, follow them here. Routine has been published only for fifth class students as PSC Primary School Certificate Examination will be taken in the light of short syllabus in front of them so regular examination has been arranged for them as well as routine has been published.
  • Class 6 Routine
  • Class 7 Routine
  • Class 8 Routine
  • Class 9 Routine
  • SSC 2022 Routine
  • HSC 20221 Routine
  • SSC 2022 Routine
  • HSC 2022 Routine
Class 5 Routine

One day class has been allotted for the students of every class from class VI to class IX for secondary education as well as the routine of SSC and HSC 2020 examination has been published. We have uploaded the complete routine here below.

Class Routine Class 8 and 9