Primary Scholarship 2022 Exam Date, Syllabus & Mark Distribution

Finally the decision is being taken to participate in the primary students re-examination. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has now made special arrangements for the scholarship examination for the students due to the fact that the primary final examination is not being accepted. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is informing in a press release today on December 5 that the annual examination is going to start from December 8 and the examination will be completed in a short time. All the students have to sit separately for the scholarship examination immediately after the completion of the examination.

In this situation, all the students now want to know about their new exam date with great interest. Due to which we are going to share some information with you today which will give you a proper idea about basic scholarships. So if you want to participate in preliminary scholarship exam then definitely read our entire article and take the exam preparation after collecting the information from here.

Primary Scholarship Exam Date

The annual examination of the fifth class of this year is going to start from December 8. This exam will be ongoing for two weeks ie the fifth class annual exam will be held till December. Now the question is that since the annual examination is being conducted and then what is the date of the preliminary scholarship examination i.e. when will the examination start, everyone is sitting with great interest to know about it.

Primary Short Syllabus 

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, we know that the primary scholarship examination will be held in the last week of December this year. It is assumed that this exam can be held from 24th December. However, no information has been confirmed about this matter so far. Every student has to wait for the next press release for which the exam routine is supposed to be released very soon.


Primary Scholarship Syllabus

Everyone should still know about the syllabus on which the preliminary scholarship exam will be taken. For the information of the students, I would like to say that it has been decided by the Directorate of Primary and Mass Education that the students will take the exam this year on the complete syllabus. Although many people are thinking that the exam can be taken in the light of short syllabus but for their purpose I would like to say that only the annual exam is being taken in the light of short syllabus. The preliminary scholarship examination must be taken on the entire syllabus.

Subject Name : Bangla, English, Science, Maths 

Primary Scholarship Mark Distribution

In a directive from the Directorate of Primary and Mass Education, only four subjects will be examined this year. Bengali, English, Science and Maths- these four subjects will be conducted in one day. Students have to participate in the exam of 100 marks in 2 hours. However, not all students will have the opportunity to participate in the exam. If you want to know about the value distribution from here, then you must have read the above part and understood.

Class 5 Scholarship 2022 Requirements

It has been decided that the scholarship examination will be conducted immediately after the completion of the annual examination of the fifth class. In this situation, as an examinee, the question may arise in your mind as to who can participate in this scholarship examination. According to the information given by the Department of Primary and Mass Education, we know that not all students of the fifth class can participate in this examination. The top 10 percent of students who do well in the school’s annual assessment will be given an opportunity to take the exam.

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