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The Non-Government Teacher Registration and Certification Authority has published a website with the aim of notifying their recruitment and applying online, through which all the activities of teacher registration are conducted. 

This website plays a major role in publishing mass notifications starting from the 23rd and 4th mass notifications. Those of you who want to collect data can create your own data table through this website.  Today we will share some detailed information about the official website of NTRC, your private teacher registration and certification authority.

Every year the Non-Government teacher registration authority recruits teachers for about 34,000 posts across the country. A public notice is issued every two years for the third time.  Was given. 

On January 30, 2022, the Hon’ble Minister of Education issued a letter of recommendation for the recruitment of about 34,000 private teachers.  For those of you who want to know about this website, we would like to say here that this website is published only for publishing your application and list of vacancies.

Check NTRCA Vacant List 



This website was created in early 2017.  If you visit this site you will find some instructions. Below is a table.  When you enter here, you will find Data Collection Company’s National Merit List Recruitment Cycle 1, Recruitment Cycle 2,  Recruitment Cycle 3, Recruitment Cycle 4(Upcoming) and many more. You will select the specific category of your choice. Cycle 4 2022

The Non-Government Teacher Registration and Certification Authority will give a chance to the dropped candidates to apply in the 3 public notification in the second step. 

Special information is that the second phase of the program will start from 27th February.  According to NTRCA sources, the final notification of 34000 candidates among the applicants in the third public notification is in progress. 


Work on the quota for women quota candidates will be completed after February 27, 2022. The second phase of recruitment will start in the first week of March.  Will be and you did not get the opportunity in the first step, they will definitely get the opportunity to apply by visiting this website. Vacant Post

The list of Vacant Post has been published for all the applicants of 1st to 16th Private Teacher Registration who have registered but have not yet joined.  You can easily find out if you have been selected for which college and for which subject by visiting this website online. Let us know how to check the vacancy list given below.


  • Firstly, you should visit- website.
  • Click on to Vacant Post.
  • Select your NTRCA Selected Years.
  • Choose Your Division.
  • Finally, you will get the full subject and district wise vacant post.

NTRCA Vacant List Merit List 2022

The Non-Government Teacher Registration Authority has recently published their merit list. Generally all the applicants who have passed the first to 16th registration test are only listed in short form. We have provided that list here for those of you who have done so you can check your merit list from here. 

NTRCA Merit List