Muharram 2023 : WhatsApp messages, Facebook status | Islamic New Year or Al Hijri 1443

The last day of the last month of the Islamic Arabic calendar is going to be completed on 9th August 2022 and the month of Muharram is going to start from 10th August. However, the Saudi government has already announced that the month of Muharram will begin on August 10, the Islamic New Year.

This is the reason why one Muslim exchanges greetings with another Muslim on this day for the Muslim community all over the world. Nowadays most people feel comfortable to spend most of their time through social media. Using Facebook WhatsApp IMO Viber and other social media apps, we express our thoughts there by giving Facebook or WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp messages, Facebook status

As a result of giving Facebook WhatsApp status in our profile, the friends associated with us can easily get Happy New Year. We have arranged today’s post for them with some Facebook status WhatsApp status of Islamic New Year 2022 Hijri 443 for them.

The last prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) migrated from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD to spread Islam. The calculation of the Arabic Hijri year starts from the day of this Hijrah of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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Islamic New Year or Al Hijri 1444 WhatsApp messages, Facebook status

As a result of the end of the 14th Hijri, we are about to enter the 14th 43rd year. New Year New Day We are going to invite our new year by removing all the fatigue of the past. Which is why this day is so special to us.

We can make this day even more special by giving Facebook status to our close relatives and friends. So we have tried to present this proposal to you with more than 100 Facebook statuses WhatsApp statuses. We hope you like our Facebook status and you will enjoy it very easily.