ldtax Gov BD Citizen Register & Login

We are now living in the digital age due to which information and communication technology has touched every aspect of us. Bangladesh Ministry of Lands has now taken special steps to eliminate all types of corruption due to which now all activities are done digitally online. Everyone has an idea about land development tax and to clear this idea I am going to share with you today’s article.

In today’s era, we can now pay the land development tax online from home, due to which those who own land or want to change land ownership can complete the process on the basis of an official website. In today’s article we have shared with you some information on the basis of which you can now conduct these activities online in a short time.

ldtax Gov BD is a government website based on which Land Tax can be paid online from home. But there are many of us who have no idea about how to work on this website and have given detailed ideas to give them correct information. So follow the instructions given below and properly create your profile and pay all the taxes related to your land from there.

LDTAX Gov BD Citizen Register

To pay land development tax online you as a citizen must complete every task correctly based on the official website. In this case, if you have not already opened an account, complete the registration by following the instructions given by us as soon as possible. Those of you who are going to register as a citizen can enter first there is a link provided by us here. After entering the site you have to provide some information.

After clicking on the link given by us, an option will appear in front of you to place the mobile number, enter your mobile number correctly.

In the next part you have to answer a security question after giving that answer click on next option.

A one time password will be sent to your mobile number. Enter that password correctly.

In the next option, you will see several options, there you will know several information about your land, such as the registration number of your land, enter the details correctly.

Your registration will be completed if the information you use is correct and you have completed the registration as one of them.


Www ldtax Gov BD Login Page

Since you have completed the registration, you should know certain amount of information to pay your Land Development TAX right now so we can guide you to login. First, click on the link given here and after clicking on it, notice the login page that will appear in front of you. Since you have registered, enter the correct phone number that you used to register.

After entering your mobile number, you will get the option to set the password in the lower part and after entering the password correctly, it will be entered in your dashboard. From there click on land development tax option and after clicking there the remaining TAX amount will be shown. If you want, you can now pay this tax online through mobile banking services or from your bank account and once the registration is complete, your payment is complete.

Follow the information provided for you in the above section correctly and based on this information you can now start from registration and login. Moreover, we are always ready to help you in case of any kind of complications.