(Download) HSC Short Syllabus 2023 PDF by NCTB

It is being decided to hold the HSC and equivalent examinations of 2023 in the light of short syllabus like 2021, 2022. To this end, a discussion meeting was held today, 13th March, 2020 by the Hon’ble Minister of Education and NCTB.

Where this decision was made is a good news for SSC candidates of 2023. For those of you who are looking for this syllabus, I would like to say that we have published the syllabus briefly here and we hope you will be able to download it very easily from here.

HSC Short Syllabus 2023

According to the information given by Hon’ble Education Minister Dipu Moni, the students could not attend the school properly this year as well. Due to which it is almost impossible to complete their syllabus even if HSC and equivalent examinations are taken in this limited time.



In such a situation it is becoming an oppression on the students so it will be shortened again for the students. However, no specific information has been released yet on how short the syllabus will be. It has been handed over to the NCTB authorities. They will call a special discussion meeting soon and the syllabus is expected to be reduced.


HSC 2023 Short Syllabus PDF Download

According to the information given by NCTB, HSC examination will be taken in the first week of April but in the light of summary examination will be taken in every subject. From now on, I remember how much the syllabus has been reduced.

HSC 2023 Exam Based on HSC 2022 Short Syllabus

We would like to tell you that the syllabus has been reduced by 30 percent this year as compared to the previous year. If you want to download the syllabus of HSC exam 2023, I would like to say that we have published the syllabus here and follow the instructions on how to download and download your syllabus.

  • Firstly, you should go to- www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd website.
  • The official Homepage of Dhaka Education Board will come in front of you.
  • Click on to HSC Corner.
  • Download the ZIP file which is attached on the Notice.
  • Extract the file.

HSC Short Syllabus 2023 Science Group

The special news for science students is that their syllabus has been shortened again. So if you are a science student then you must collect it from us. We have published a separate syllabus on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and all other subjects separately which can be downloaded with one click.

HSC Short Syllabus 2023 Humanities Group

The syllabus of optional subjects as well as compulsory subjects of humanities department has been shortened. Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Economics and Politics We have published here a separate short syllabus for each subject. The zip file has been collected from the official website of Dhaka Education Board, extracted and uploaded here separately for your convenience.