HSC Pass Mark 2023 (কত পেলে পাশ)

The Ministry of Education has already announced the date of 2023 HSC and equivalent examinations. HSC exams are being taken due to Corona virus where it has been decided to take the exam with 29 percent reduction. As an HSC examinee you are already aware that your exam will be taken under completely new rules.

The Ministry of Education has already taken all the decisions to take the exams of every board of education in the country and in an official announcement yesterday, the Minister of Education informed that this year SSC exams are being taken under special rules.

The special news for those of you who are going to participate in the HSC exams this year is that the new number distribution for the candidates has been announced yesterday. The Chairman of Dhaka Board of Education has already published this number on the official website.

In this part of the discussion we will show you the details of HSC 2023 new number distribution and how many marks you will pass GPA Five. So as an examinee, be sure to gather your important information from the section below and participate in the exam that is going to be held in front of you.

HSC Mark Distribution 2023 New

The Ministry of Education has announced the distribution of numbers for this year’s HSC examination. Special changes have been made in all the subjects of the science department which have practical examinations. Observing the new number distribution, it is seen that the students of the science department will be tested on a total of 45 marks including practical test in all the subjects.


In other words, it has been decided to take the test based on the number 45 in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Higher Mathematics. Of these, Written will have 30 marks and MCQ will have 15 marks.

HSC Routine 2023

On the other hand, a number of changes have been made in the field of humanities and business education for the students. Of these, Written will have 30 marks and MCQ will have 15 marks.

HSC 2023 Pass Mark

After the announcement of the new number distribution, the students now have the question of how many marks they will pass. According to the previous rules, if a student got 33 out of 100 marks, he would be passed but he has to pass both written and MCQ. Since the number distribution has changed drastically this year, it can be assumed that some new methods are being adopted for pass numbers this year.

HSC Short Syllabus 2023

If the science students are taking exams based on 55 marks in the practical test then you may have an idea how many marks you will get if you are a science student. The idea is that if you get 15 marks in the written test and 8 marks in the moral test then you can pass.