GSA Teletalk Com BD – Online Application Govt & Non-Govt School

The official notification was published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education on October 17 for the purpose of admitting new students in government high schools and private high schools across the country. In the light of the said press release, we can see that this year also the process of admission of students in the academic year 2024 is going to start and the application process will continue today from 11 am on October 24th to 5 pm on November 14th.

All the students who want to take admission from third class to tenth class can apply online within the stipulated time. A special website has been launched to conduct all the activities of Government School Admission and based on the website it is possible to apply only through online. For those of you who want to apply online from home or go to a computer store, we have given detailed information on how to apply online based on today’s article.

Today, October 24th, the admission period is going to start from 11 pm and in view of this, I would like to tell those who want to get admission in government high schools that you must complete the application online within the stipulated time. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has said that the government will get the list of police stations based on the selection of institutions for applying for admission to high schools across the country.

But for the application must be present from each education and those of you who want to apply online can follow the instructions given below. The application for admission is accepted only through online, due to which the application process is conducted entirely on the basis of an official website from 11 am to 14th November.


You have to visit the website at ( and since you want to get admission in government school, select government school category from there. In the next step students have to complete their payment where the online application will be completed by paying a total of 110 rupees through Teletalk Prepaid SIM. Later you will get a user id and password where you have to login properly and collect all the forms you have for admission.

In addition to applying to government schools, there are many who are interested in applying to private high schools. In view of this, there are many students who cannot visit the official website for the application due to server availability. For your convenience we have published here how to apply to private schools. visit the said website and since you will be admitted in a private school then definitely click on the private option. Later, an official page will appear in front of you where you can write all the details of the students and mention about which class you will be admitted. Select the names of the few schools that are there in your specific thana upazila. Finally, if your invitation information is correct, complete the payment and your application is thus complete.Screenshot-2023-10-24-at-9-24-49-AM

Many of you think that a specific application form is given for admission in government and private high schools. However, for your information, it is not possible to collect this admission form at present because the entire application process is being conducted online. So you can definitely complete your application within a short period of time by following the instructions given by us.