eporcha gov bd Login, Khatian, Map

With the aim of building a digital Bangladesh, currently every field of Bangladesh is affected by information technology. In a word, now we can conduct all activities in a completely digital manner and do all types of applications online from the comfort of home. Recently Bangladesh Ministry of Lands has launched a special website that now the land owners can avail various services using the web portal.

In this case, you as a computer or smartphone user can receive any kind of land service without the help of any broker or person. All activities are done from here, besides viewing any type of certificate or applying for a certified copy, including CS SA RS, using your mobile phone or computer. You can take online copy of any type of khatian for a small amount of money only by using this special website. You are going to get all the information related to www.eporcha.gov.bd website that a land owner needs to know through this article.

Eporcha gov bd Login

www.eporcha.gov.bd To enjoy all the services that are available on this website, you must visit the official website and complete the registration. It is possible to use all types of services only after registration. After clicking on citizen corner option you have to register. Then use your mobile number or email address. Please specify your password correctly as you will have a password. Once you become a registered member of them you are ready to use each of their services.

In case of login, we have shared a link here for you and once you click on this link, the login page will be shown in front of you. Then enter your username ie mobile number in the right place. Put the password you have in the bottom part. If the information provided by you is correct, click on the last login option and enter your profile to get all the services you want.



Eporcha gov bd Khatian

Land buying and selling is going on all the time in our country. In general, those who want to buy land can now check the land registration online before buying land. Since you have to get this khatian online now, you should know how to verify it. Follow the instructions given below and verify your identity.

  • Open any browser on your mobile or computer and type www.eporcha.gov.bd.
  • The official homepage will appear in front of you and from there click on Citizen corner button from e-porta side navigation menu.
  • Then a form will appear in front of you where you will be asked to know some information.
  • In the prescribed form, select the type of department, district khatian, select Upazila Mauza.
  • Enter the correct number in the Khatian number box.
  • Finally enter your captcha code correctly and click on search option.
  • If the information provided by you is correct, all information related to the name of the land owner will be shown there.

e-Porcha gov bd Map

Once eporcha is complete, after going to your profile, you can now easily download your land map online based on providing correct information. In this case, you will see different categories from there, click on the map option. Based on your current digital map, you can download your land location and success information here. You can definitely download your land map online from here.