The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has issued special guidelines for secondary and higher secondary students across the country.  As per the instructions given by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, a unique ID will be given to all the students across the country, the responsibility of which has been given to the teachers of each school and college. 

To this end, teachers across the country have created an information table for their students and applied for a unique ID.  The process of filling up the unique ID forms of the students through the website created by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education is in progress, but due to the complexity of the server, it has become difficult to do so at present. 

In this case we have provided some information about this website to help the students to fill the Student Unique ID Form and also discussed how you can easily fill the Unique ID Form using this website.

The Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics publishes special instructions through the official website for the completion of student information tables and school lists. 

In order to complete the task of creating unique IDs for students at the beginning of the new year, the Bangladesh Bureau of Education Facts and Statistics has published an official in every school and college of the country where unique ideas are given to the students.

In order to include all the students of the country in the same database, in the light of Bandage OCR system, the authority has developed a software for giving unique identification number UID to the students and made it a unique idea for educational institutions. 

Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics Integrated Educational Information Management System Project Student ID is very important so the future information of the students will be published here.  Due to which, unique ID activities have to be completed at lower secondary and secondary and higher secondary levels with utmost caution, the authorities said. Login Method

Students need to follow special instructions to enter data in Unique ID correctly.  To read the bandage Unicode live-server text, follow our instructions below. 



  • You must first access this website to fill out the ID form. 
  • Click on the IIMS option. 
  • Right click on the main login page and select the user ID and admin. 
  • Enter the organization EIIN number in the ID box and 5368 in the password box and click on the login option. 
  • After registering as a user of Head Master, he can login by providing User Login Panel: User ID and Password.