Class 1 Math Book PDF 2024 NCTB Bangladesh Download

Every year the 1st January Our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken over the new book to all students. In case of 1st January is called Book Days. However, there are many students who want to download the books as PDF File. National Curriculum and Textbook Board NCTB is responsible to publish the book and distribute the book among the students.

Are you looking for Class 1 Mathematics Book? Then, you are in the right place where you can find it. প্রথম শ্রেণীর গণিত বই পিডিএফ is available here.

Primary Class 1 Mathematics Book

Books are the best companion on our life. Our academic books are very important for us. By reading books we have to take part our Mid Term and Final Exam. As well as we can acquire knowledge by reading books. There are 3 subjects in Class 1. Mathematics is the hardest subject among the subjects. Do you want to know the full mathematics books of Class 1.Math-1-BV-com-opt-page-004


  • Class : 1
  • Book Name : General Math
  • Total Page : See the book
  • Published By : National Curriculum and Textbook Board NCTB

Class 1 Math Book PDF Download

Students and their parents are very excited to download the books. Because sometimes NCTB can not provide all the book to all the schools. There are a big lack to distribute the books. In this case a sincere parent always try to keep the book at hand. In addition, they are looking for the PDF Book. We have uploaded the book as both for English and Bangla Version.



Why You Need Class 1 Math PDF Book ?

A book is the best friends of our life. Class 1 is the first stage of our primary education. As a result, most of the parents of our country like to teach their child the books before admitted the primary school. In case of they need the Book very much. As a result, they can prepare a good lesson to their children at early age.

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Disclaimer : We have used the official NCTB Class 1 Mathematics book by using the official website. No copyright content has used here. Thank you very much for staying with us.