BREB Meter Tester Question Solution 2022

Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board BREB Authority has taken Meter Tester Exam on 2 April, 2022. 21 Thousands of Candidates have participated the exam from several location in Dhaka City. The exam is little bit easy. So, most of the candidates have given a good exam. However, there are many students who have not given good exam and they all of have a confusion. As a result they are looking for the question solution.

BREB Meter Tester Exam 2022

Firstly, we want to share a short details of this exam which will help you and give you question idea. Every year the authority has taken several exams for different categories post. According to their rules 2 April, 2022 an exam has taken.


  • Post Name : Meter Tester
  • Exam Date : 2 April, 2022
  • Time : 10 AM to 11 AM
  • Question Type : Multiple Choice Question
  • Total Marks : 75
  • Total Post : 108

BREB Meter Tester Question Solution

All the candidates have participated the exam happily. The exam has taken through Multiple Choice Question MCQ within 1 Hour. There are 75 Questions and each question bear 1 Mark. However, if anyone give wrong answer, 0.25 Marks will be deducted from the getting marks. Most of the question will be taken from Science and Computer Subject. So, be careful when you fill up the answer.




After completing the exam most of the candidates have a lots of confusion on their mind.

A question solution will help you to clear the confusion. In case of they are looking for it. Our experience teachers have solved the questions and we are going to share the solution in front of you.

BREB Meter Tester Result

Importance of Question Solution

The importance of Question solution will not say in words. It helps you to know about the question pattern of upcoming exam. On the other hand you can get a fresh idea about BREB Question. After checking the question solution you can check your Exam Performance and your result. Overall you will get a lots of advantages of this.