Www movementpass police gov bd app

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police has recently launched a new mobile app for Movement Pass during Corona Lockdown. Are you want to download Www movementpass police gov bd app? Then, you are in the right place where you can find it.

Www movementpass police gov bd app

The Authority has launched a new mobile app for all users registration. The application has been started from 14 April, 2021. By submitting all the documents information you can register through this app. However, it is very important to know where you will find the app.


How to Download movementpass police gov bd app?

All of us know about this app but we do not know where we will find it. As well as we do not know how to download it. Lets introduce you with this.


Download Movement Pass APK

  • Firstly, visit on Google Play Store.
  • Search Movementpass Police Gov BD Keywords.
  • Your Application will come in front of you.
  • Download it and open it.

How to register?

After downloading the app you can register on it. First open the app. Put your mobile number. By providing all the information like Your Name, Your Thana Name, Your Place, Your Profession. Finally click on to register now. In this way, you can easily register on this app.


Register Now

Why you use Movement Pass ?

During the lock down if you think you need to go out from home with urgent work, you have to registered movement pass app. Then, you will show it to the Police and they will release you for go. So, when you out for work, you must collect it.


What will happen if you have not brought it?

There are some people who thinks that the pass is not so important. Remind it that the police can be fined if you did not bring it with you. So, we suggest you to register for it and must carry when you go out from home.

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