www land gov bd – অনলাইনে ভূমি উন্নয়ন কর

There is widespread corruption in the land sector of Bangladesh, due to which recently a special system is being observed by the Bangladesh Ministry of Land. Since the touch of improvement of information and communication technology has now been applied in every field, due to which now it has been decided to pay land development tax under the Bangladesh Ministry of Land under this information technology. Under this management, each land owner can pay the annual land development tax through online mobile banking or from any bank account instead of paying cash directly to the land office.

In today’s article we are going to share with you all the rules of Land Development Tax as well as the official website that has been created to regulate their management. Recently, an official website has been created by the Ministry of Lands of Bangladesh and now all activities are conducted on the basis of this official website. Based on this website known as www land gov bd now every land owner can do all their activities online.

So today we will share with you how you can complete the registration on the basis of this website and if you already have an account, how you can login to that account and do all the activities online. On your part, we have given you specific rules for your purpose, so you must try to follow them properly.


Currently, we can do all the activities online due to which a special system has been introduced by the Ministry of Land and based on this system, the owners of each land can now pay their land development tax easily from home. In order to help you in this regard, we have shared the information here in detail and based on this information only you can directly check the information online based on this official website.Screenshot-2023-04-12-at-7-51-15-PM

As a land owner you have to follow several steps while paying land development tax through online. First you have to verify that you create your own profile based on the official website, in this case you have to complete the registration. When you register on the official website then after entering your profile every activity will be shown from there. Because of which we first shared the information about how to register on the basis of the official website.

land.gov.bd Registration

www land gov bd is an official website and you need to register properly on this website. But there are many who do not know the information about how to register on the basis of this website. We have shared the detailed rules of registration here for the purpose of knowing them.

  • First open a browser and enter the website www.land.gov.bd in the address bar.
  • After going to the official website, if you see different categories, from there, click on the Land Development Tax option on the left hand side.
  • After entering the option, from there you will see that several options are coming in front of you, click on the registration option.
  • Enter your mobile number correctly in the given space.
  • Input your National Identity Card number.
  • Enter the Day Month Year Date of Birth according to your National Identity Card Number.
  • Click on the next option.
  • In the last part a verification code or one time password will be sent to your mobile number.
  • You have been able to complete the registration on the basis of using the one time password.

eporcha land gov bd RS Khatian

eporcha.gov.bd is another popular website of the Ministry of Lands of Bangladesh where there is a good arrangement to get the records of each land. Currently this website has been launched so that the land owners can verify the detailed information of their Khatian land along with the dag number. Now you can get the survey results from this official website if you want. After visiting the official website, first select the category under which you live in order to get the Khatian number.Screenshot-2023-04-12-at-7-48-11-PM

In the next part you have to select your district. Then you will get the option to select your upazila, select your upazila correctly. Select the type of certificate you want to extract. Search your land mass. You can get your land certificate right after submitting every information here.

Based on the information that we have provided for you in the above section, you can now get the land registration in a completely digital way if you want. On the other hand there are many who want to know about how to pay land tax online based on the official website. For them we have now given proper instructions which have been published through a separate article.