Web Based Result 2023 HSC Result Online

HSC and equivalent exam results are going to be published on 26th November. Around 14 lakh examinees from all over the country have participated in the examination under 11 education boards this year. The results of the examination will be announced by the Hon’ble Minister of Education through a press person at 10 am. Candidates can check the results online based on the official website after the announcement of the Education Minister.

Whether as an examinee or as a parent, when you want to check the results online, you must know the information about the HSC Result website. Today we are going to introduce you to a website that publishes the results of all the public exams taken in Bangladesh.

Web Based Result is an official website to publish all the exam results of the country and based on this website we can see our result along with marksheet. So those of you who want to get the HSC exam result online must follow the instructions given here and visit this website to get the result based on the correct information.

Web Based Result Publication System for Education Boards

After the declaration of results, every student must visit the official website to check their results online (https://eboardresults.com/v2/home). For your information, this is a website from where you can get the result online, but you must collect some information to get the result.

  • Board Name
  • Roll Number
  • Registration Number

Having the above information a candidate can check his result and on the basis of this website it is possible to check from single result to school wise and department wise result. So let’s try to present the correct information to you about the functionality of this website.


Examination : 

First you have to select the exam i.e. different types of exams are accepted in our country like PSC, JSC, SSC, HSC. Since you have participated in the HSC exam and want to get this result, select the HSC/Alim option from the list.


In this option you must select the academic year from which this student has participated in the exam. That is, select the year in which you have passed the SSC HSC or any other exam you want to get the result from here. Since you are going to get HSC Exam Result 2023 then select 2023 from the list.


There are total 11 education boards in the country under which you have participated in the exam and want to find out the result of the designated board must select the name of the board from there. The names of the nine General Education Boards of the country will be shown directly and there is also the option to select Alim and Technical Boards. That is, you must select correctly to get the result of the board under which you participated in the exam.

Result Type 

What kind of results you want to find out in this category, single result, organization result, district or division result. Since you are going to extract single test result then definitely select single result from all the options available there. As soon as you click on one of the result options, you will get the option to put the roll number and registration number.


As a candidate you will see a roll number on your admit card or registration card. For your information, you must write your roll number in the blank space. Enter the six digit roll number correctly and click below.


After using the roll number, every candidate must write their registration number correctly. The registration number is 10 digits. Write the registration number correctly in the appropriate place. Remember that a candidate can get his result after writing the roll number and registration number correctly.

Check Web Based Result HSC 2023

The results of HSC exam will be published on November 26 at the scheduled time and after the publication of these results, every student must visit the official website to check the results. We all want to check the result online and click on the official link that we have provided for you to check the result in this way. Visit the website and fill in all the information given in the above section. Finally you can definitely see your result along with marks of each subject.