Water Transport Cell Daily Serial List 2023 | Check Today Serial Number

Bangladesh is a riverine country. Rivers play a very important role in this country in terms of communication as well as import and export. Every day various exportable products are sent from Bangladesh to European countries. In general, Bangladesh is an agricultural country, but its crops and other products are usually exported through the two largest sea ports of Bangladesh, Mongla and Cox’s Bazar.

Due to which people from different places of 64 districts of the country want to export their products through these two sea ports. Due to which it can be observed that these two sea ports are constantly receiving various types of products from different parts of the country. You have a certain rule to export everything abroad and by following it properly only you can export the product.

Other exports have a specific serial number based on which they are generally transported from one country to another. Bangladesh Water Transport Cell Authority usually publishes this serial number daily through their official website. So those of you who are interested in exporting your products outside the country can definitely send your products by maintaining this serial number.

Water Transport Cell

For this purpose, through today’s article we have published before you a list of daily serial numbers of Bangladesh Water Transport Cell Authority and shared this file in PDF format so that you can see the complete list on.

Bangladesh Water Transport Cell Authority has been playing a major role in the export sector of our country for a long time. People from different parts of Bangladesh are constantly eager to export their products outside the country because whenever these products are exported abroad they are sold at high prices. In this case, you must send the goods to the sea port after verifying the serial number.

But there are many people who are not aware about how to get the serial number provided by Bangladesh Water Transport Cell Authority. In order to inform them here we have shared the exact rules and also shared the daily pdf file where the serial number is updated.

Water Transport Cell Daily Serial May 2023

The month of May has started and those of you who pay water transport cell regularly must know the information that the serial number has been given today through the official website. In this case we have been able to update the daily serial number which is properly maintained here to help you. Those who want to export products regularly abroad can definitely export their products correctly after verifying this serial number from here.

How to Check Water Transport Sale Daily Serial?

If you want, you can check the daily serial number of the water touch you are doing today with your mobile or computer. But in this case there are many people who do not have any proper information about how to find this information and for the purpose of informing them we have shared the correct rules here.

  • To verify the serial number first you need to enter the official website (https://www.watertransportcell.com).
  • If the official website works properly you will be taken to the homepage and if it is not working properly then you have to enter a separate link.
  • On the next page you have to select the category from the information center.
  • Click on Daily Serial List option.
  • Then click on the Daily Serial List & Allocation option
  • Finally, you will get all the water transport cell daily serial list by date.

WTC Daily Serial List & Allocation PDF Download

WTC water transport cell complete. Serial number is published daily based on their office website and you can download this serial number from their site. Generally the file is uploaded in PDF format due to which there are many people who are not aware of how to download this file as PDF from the website. We have uploaded the pdf file of daily serial list here and you can download this pdf file from here.

WTC 7 May Serial List PDF