Surokkha gov bd vaccine card download 2021 | Download Corona Certificate PDF

The Government of Bangladesh has created its own server for registration of Covid Nineteen Vaccine through which you can easily register for the vaccine through the website as well as collect the status of your vaccine and post-vaccine certificate. 

Along with the website, a mobile app called Bangladesh Government Security App has launched Google Play Store app. If you want, you can easily use this app by installing this mobile app on your smartphone.

Covid 19 Vaccine Registration

Vaccine registration has been completed in a few steps. In the first step of vaccine registration, all people above the age of 35 are covered by the vaccine, but the age is later reduced to 25 years.  However, different doses of corona vaccine started coming to our country from different countries like China, Russia, America and India due to which the government of Bangladesh reduced the age of corona vaccine to 18 people in the country in 7 August 2021. 

According to the Health Minister’s announcement, anyone over the age of 18 can be vaccinated against coronavirus, but they must be vaccinated with their national identity card at the nearest health complex.  From August 7, all Bangladeshi citizens over the age of 18 will be able to register for the Covid-19 Vaccine.vaccination


Surokkha gov bd vaccine registration

Starting from every upazila of the country, every person of Union Parishad who is above 18 years of age will be brought under the Karna vaccine whose registration process has already started. 

If you are interested in getting vaccinated then you must know how to register for Karna Vaccine. In this part of the discussion we will show you how to complete Karna Vaccine Registration through Surokkha gov bd website.


  • You should visit website.
  • Click on Corona Registration.
  • Put your NID Number.
  • Give your Birthday accurately.
  • Press next. application form

After entering the website, you will get the required application form.  Here you will need to provide all your information such as whether you have high blood pressure, whether you have cancer, whether you have had coronavirus before, whether you have diabetes, whether you have respiratory problems.  T

hen you have to provide your mobile number and the next time you click, your mobile number will be a one time password. By entering the code, your corona vaccine registration will be completed.


Surokkha gov bd vaccine card download 2021

If you want, you can easily download your corona virus vaccine. In this case, you must provide your phone number and National ID card number as soon as you enter the designated website. 

Due to the fact that all the information about your corona vaccine has already been submitted to the Ministry of Health.  Now you can easily download your Security Gov Bidi Max In Card.

Surokkha gov bd certificate Download

Within a few days after your registration is complete, an SMS will come to your mobile asking you to go to the Upazila Health Complex of your choice to get the Karna vaccine.  The second dose will be given one month after giving the first dose to a total of two fighters.

If a person completes both, he will be given a certificate. If you want to download the certificate of coronavirus, then you have come to the right place.  Provided the process of downloading the vaccine certificate.

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