Supreme Court Cause List 2023 Today

Are you involved in any case or have been in any case for a long time which has not been completed till now. The highest court of Bangladesh Supreme Court is currently providing special facilities for all the people who have cases, why now you can get the cause list in a completely digital way and on the basis of this, you will consistently know the detailed information about which court, which judge will sit for which case. you can

We have given detailed information about how you can find the cause list using the official website of Bangladesh Supreme Court as well as their official application. But to find out this information, first you need to know about the instructions of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and which information is being updated regularly through this website.

Supreme Court Cause List Today

At the beginning of the discussion we will give you a detailed idea of what is the cause list and you will know what the policy is. cause list is a medium on the basis of which all the judges who are under the Supreme Court of Bangladesh today are given information about which court they will sit and hear which case at which time.

So you understand right now how important this information is for you because it is the easiest way to know whether your case will be heard today in the court nearest to you. So let’s know how to get the cause list from their official website in a short time.

How to Check Supreme Court Cause List?

First of all, We should like to tell you that there are two ways to get this information, one is from the official website, that is, you can access the official website of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and get this list. On the other hand, Google Play Store has recently lost their official application, due to which you can now use their official application by installing it and showing the information about their published list.


  • Here we are going to give you detailed information about how to get the cause list. Now you can visit their official website ( or search on google if you want any browser based apart from application.
  • The official website will be displayed in front of you and after entering there will be the information about which court you will deliver judgment today but you want to know about your own court and case till now.
  • To find it out go to category option and from there click on advanced option then select your division first.
  • Select one Appellate Division or High Court Division.
  • Select a Category ( Civil Appeal/Civil Revision/Criminal Cases(HD)/Original Cases/Writ Cases).
  • Now select what type of case from the list.
  • Input Case Number.
  • Write accurate Year of Case.
  • If the information you used is correct, click on the subject option and finally the information about when your case will be heard will be displayed.

In this era of information technology, we can collect everything online, due to which you can easily find the Supreme Court’s case list from home and based on that information, you can use the application they have now to collect information from there. Moreover, if you know any information about any case, if you can tell it in your comment box, we will try our best to help you with correct information.