SSC Pass Mark 2023 – MCQ & CQ (Written) Pass Mark

Finally, on 14th November 2023, the country’s largest public examination Secondary School Certificate SSC has started. 

This year around 22 lakh candidates are going to participate in the examination under nine education boards.  Due to the high speed of coronavirus, it was not possible to take the test in time, but due to the delay in taking the test this year, some changes have been made in the number distribution. 

According to the announcement of the Minister of Education, this year SSC examination is being taken on the basis of 50 marks.  Due to which the students are in a lot of confusion, many of them have expressed interest to know what is the pass mark if the test is taken out of 50 marks. 

According to the old distribution, if you get 33 out of 100 marks, you will be passed, but it is still unclear how many marks you will get if you get new marks.  Part of today’s discussion we will give you the pass mark of SSC 2023 exam and also the details of how to pass the mcq and written exam separately.

SSC Exam Pass Mark

It has started but the students are still suffering from division of time and number of examinations.  The number of the question has been brought to the poet.  If you are an SSC examinee then there is a question in your mind right now what is the pass mark of SSC exam.  Since the test is based on fifty marks, you must pass if you get 17 marks in mcq Written Marks.




Pass mark 17

SSC MCQ Pass Mark 2023

Many of you want to know how many marks you will pass in MCQ exam.  To curb their curiosity, we would like to say that MCQ questions are being taken on the basis of 12 marks in all the subjects which are practical for the science examinees. 


On the other hand, 15 ethical questions are being asked for the students of the humanities and business education departments.  You can know the SSC MCQ password as per the instructions given below.

  • Science Group MCQ Pass Mark : Total 12 Marks
  • Humanities Group Pass Mark : Total 15 Marks
  • Business Studies Group Pass Mark : 15 Marks

SSC Written CQ Pass Mark 2023

After knowing the mcq pass mark, you must know how many numbers you will get to pass the return.  So we have discussed in detail below for you, please follow it.


Science, Humanities and Business Studies Group written 35 Marks

SSC GPA-5 Mark 2023

There are many good students in SSC who are confused about how much they will get GPA mark due to change in number division this year.  It is being taken on the basis of numbers where it is said that if a student gets 29 to 32 marks then he will get GPA-5.


Based on the above discussion you must have got detailed idea about SSC 2023 Exam Pass Mark GPA Number. I have tried to disclose my complete information according to the Ministry of Education, but we will apologize if there is any mistake.