SSC Mark Distribution 2023 with New Question Pattern

The Ministry of Education is going to bring special changes in this year’s SSC and equivalent examinations. An important discussion meeting on SSC and equivalent examination issues was called at a discussion meeting of the Ministry of Education on Sunday 27th February where it is mentioned that the new rules will be tested this year.

It will not be possible to take SSC exams in all subjects. In addition to this, many changes have been made for the purpose of students. Today we will discuss in detail about the number distribution of SSC 2023 candidates. Besides, it has presented some information about the subjects on which the examination will be held this year.

SSC 2023 Subject

Due to the high incidence of coronavirus, it was not possible to take SSC and equivalent examinations in the first week of February. Due to which it is expected that HSC exams may be taken in June or July after a long break. This year students will take exams in the light of short syllabus like last year.



SSC Short Syllabus

It was decided in the discussion meeting of the Inter-Education Board on Sunday that no selection test will be taken for the students. Besides, a list of the subjects on which the test will be taken has been published.


It is learned from the discussion meeting of the Inter-Education Board Committee that this year This year’s SSC ICT, Religious Education and Bangladesh and World Identity and HSC ICT and Bangladesh and World Identity will not be examined.

SSC 2023 New Mark Distribution

The number distribution of each subject has been discussed in that discussion meeting. We have published the full number distribution here.


Science Group

This year science students will be tested on the basis of 45 marks in each subject where there will be eight creative questions out of which three questions will have to be answered in full 30 of the questions.

Arts and Commerce

Besides, 55 marks will be taken in humanities and commerce department. Of these, 4 out of 11 creative questions have to be answered. Each will have 10 marks in the answer i.e. 40 marks (four questions have to be answered) and impersonal questions will have 15 marks. At the beginning you have to answer the impersonal question, then you have to write the answer to the creative question.

SSC Routine 2023

SSC 2023 Pass Mark

You know the details about the distribution of test numbers. Now if you take the test based on 100 marks with Aasi Password, if you get 33 marks, you will be recognized as a pass.

However, this year there is a special difference where it is seen that the students of science department will take the test based on 45 marks i.e. if the students get 15 marks then they will pass. On the other hand, for the students of the humanities and business education department, the examination will be based on 55 marks, so if the students have to get it, they will pass it.