SSC History MCQ Solution 2022 Today All Board

According to the SSC Routine 2022 we see that an examination is going to start today for humanities students. Today’s subject of the group-based examination of humanities students is history. Today 24th September 2022 at 11:00 under the board of education, the examination of humanities history subject through different question papers has been completed. As an SSC candidate, you have attended the examination at your designated center on time.

After participating in the exam every candidate wants to have an idea about how their exam went and what they will get according to their question paper. Due to which every candidate finds the solution of their questions as soon as they finish the exam. In this era of internet now we can collect all the information from sitting at home on the other hand now SSC candidates have a smartphone in their hand due to which they can now search the solution of today’s SSC history question held at home through mobile phone.

Good news for you is that here we have collected history question papers of every poll held today and the process of solving them is going on till now. History question solution will be published here in a very short time, because of which you can collect the question solution from here regardless of which board you are participating in today’s exam. Below section each board separate question papers and solutions are given below that so you collect them and check your exam score.

SSC History Question Solution 2022

This year, the SSC exam has undergone major changes, due to lack of time for the students, the exam is being taken in the light of the short syllabus. The distribution of questions has also been drastically changed where every year the exam is based on 100 marks, this year only 60 marks are being taken. History and Civilization is a difficult subject for humanities students due to which there are many who fail in this subject every year.

At the same time under each education board of the country, students of the humanities department have been tested on the subject of history and world civilization. According to the information provided by the Ministry of Education, the examination was completed on time and every candidate gave the examination in a fair environment. As an examinee after taking the exam it is most important for you to find the solution of today’s program questions. Due to which we have been able to publish today’s SSC history complete question solutions for you.

Today SSC History MCQ Solution

If the examination of history subject is accepted first i.e. from 11 am to 1 pm the three hours long examination is attended where 30 minutes is given to the students only to solve the MCQ questions. Each candidate will have to solve 15 mcqs within 30 minutes. Each mcq question has been prepared based on the chapters that were in the light of the short syllabus.

Although there will be thirty MCQ in the question paper, students will have to do only 15 MCQs. As an examinee it is very important for you to know the solution of 30 MCQ questions due to which we have been able to publish the exact question solution of each subject here for you. We have collected the question papers of each board and here are solving them step by step. Our question solving team has been working for a long time and after accurately analyzing each mcq it is solved here.


Finally we want to tell you that the question solutions we have shared here for you are completely correct. Our question solving team always solves with the aim of helping people and helping students. But in many cases it is seen that the solution of the question is wrong, in this situation you can tell us which question is solved wrongly in the comment box below.