SSC History Assignment Answer 7th Week 2021-2022

Although the country’s largest public examination SSC started in February every year, it was not possible to take any examination for two years due to the Karna virus.
Due to which we have faced a huge problem in the field of education. The Ministry of Education is taking a great approach to solve this problem. Education Minister Dipu Moni has announced that since it is not possible to take the SSC exam at the right time, the test results will be prepared in the light of the assignment for the students.

SSC History Assignment

She further said that all the students of SSC 2021 batch will be examined in MCQ system only for the required subjects and the results of the examination will be prepared by considering the assignments of the remaining subject based subjects.
To this end, 24-week assignments for SSC 2021 students will continue from July 19, while assignments for all subjects of SSC 2020 candidates have been running for a long time.

SSC History Assignment Answer 7th Week

We have tried and will continue to offer assignments for SSC 2021 and SSC 2022 Abhay Batch. So you will get SSC assignment solution in this part of our discussion.
In the assignment of the 6th week of SSC, the subject of history and world civilization has been added for the students of humanities department where the students have to submit the assignment solved school within 7 days. Which is a huge problem for the students. To solve this problem we provided assignment solution on that subject.

SSC History Assignment Answer 7th Week 2021

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