SSC Finance & Banking Question Solution 2023 – Today Finance Exam MCQ Answer

Secondary School Certificate SSC examination has started from last 14th November.  Millions of candidates across the country are participating in the exam. 

A total of two shifts are being taken by the Department of Humanities and Business Education.  Today, 21st November 2023, Finance and Banking examinations will be held for the students of Business Education Department as per the routine of SSC examination. 

The exam will be taken in written form of mcq and each examinee will find the solution of the question as soon as the exam is completed. 

In order to help them, we have solved the SSC Finance and Banking question and published it here. We hope you will collect it from here and take the solution of your question.

SSC Finance & Banking Question

The country’s largest public examination SSC is underway.  According to the routine published by the Dhaka Board of Education, each exam is being taken in a written MCQ system for a total of one and a half hours. 

According to the routine published by the Dhaka Board of Education, examinations on finance and banking will be held for the students of business education department from 2 pm to 3:30 pm today. 

Examinations will be held simultaneously in nine education boards across the country.  As an examinee, you will find the solution to the question as soon as you have finished the exam as MCQ and written method are the names in this exam. 

We, the experienced high school teachers, have solved the whole question and tried to reveal it to you.  So you can feel free to collect the solution of our question without wasting time.

SSC Finance & Banking MCQ Answer 2023

Finance and banking is a very important subject for business students.  However, due to the fact that this subject is very difficult, thousands of candidates fail this subject every year. 

On the other hand due to lack of time many examinees are not able to solve mcq within the stipulated time.  Out of 30 MCQs, 15 answers are required. 

Where only fifteen minutes is given as time which is a very complicated subject for the students.  If you are looking for a solution to the Finance and Banking question then we would like to inform you that we have solved the question and published it here.

SSC Finance Question Solution All Board

There are differences in the question papers if the examinations are conducted according to the same routine in nine education boards of the country.  Due to which the examinees of each board find solutions to their respective board questions. 

To this end, we have collected the questions of each board of education and tried to solve them, so you will get the solution of each board question from the board in which you are a candidate.

Finance Full Question Solution

In the last part of the discussion, we would like to inform you that we have solved every mcq correctly, but people are just wrong.

If we have made any kind of mistake then you must forgive it. Stay with us to get the solution of all subsequent test questions.