School Wise SSC Result 2023 by EIIN Number

The result of SSC and equivalent examination has been published today on 28 July. After a long two months of waiting all the candidates who participated in this exam are able to collect this result. As an aspirant you might be thinking right now to get SSC Exam Result and there are several ways to get this result. One of the two ways in which results can be seen is online based test results.

Different results can be seen online like you can see your single result as well as you can see your entire school result. But what we are going to discuss with you today is the rules for collecting SSC exam results on a school-wise basis. More than 2 million candidates participated in the examination this year from all the secondary schools in Bangladesh.

Regardless of the educational center from which you participated in the exam, you can now get your complete school exam results online. But there is a specific rule to figure it out which you must follow and this rule can only be found in the light of our website. So those of you who are looking for the result must try to follow the instructions given below properly to check the school wise result.

SSC Result 2023 by EIIN Number

EIIN is Educational Institute Identification Number. It is usually the code number of an Institute on the basis of which the identity of that Institute is found. You must collect this number if you want to find out the result of the school based examination. In this case, we want to tell you that all the institutions in Bangladesh have different numbers and by collecting these numbers you can get your school results.

However, it is for security purposes that the teachers of the educational institution only know this number. In this situation, we have shared the list of EIIN number of all the educational institutions of Bangladesh here for you so that you can easily collect it and get your result. Moreover, I have given you a detailed idea about how to get the results online.

Check School Wise SSC Result

In this section of the discussion, if you want to check the school wise results online, you must follow the instructions given by us. First open your browser and connect to the internet and then follow the instructions below to see the results.

  • First enter website by entering address bar.
  • The official website will appear in front of you and there you must select SSC and equivalent.
  • Next select the education board under which you have participated in the exam.
  • Select Exam Year 2023.
  • Since you want to check the school wise result as you are going to find out the type of result then definitely select school wise from that list.
  • In the next part you have to enter the EIIN number of your institute correctly.
  • Finally you have to answer the security question and after answering this question you will see the get result option at the bottom.
  • As soon as you click on the Get Result option, you will be given instructions to download the result seat set in PDF format.
  • Thus you can download your school wise complete result online in PDF format.

Many may think that school based exam results can be viewed through mobile. But if you want you can easily download this result from your mobile or laptop. If you face any difficulty in getting the result, you can use the EIIN number of your educational institution in the comment box below and we will try to get the result for you using this number.