Rail Sheba App Download 2022 for Mobile, PC & iphone (Latest Version)

Bangladesh Railway Authority has launched a new web server to provide their railway services. Besides, it has released an application through which you can purchase Bangladesh Railway tickets online. As well as the current status of the railway ticket, etc., all the information about the various schedules of the train can be known.

You can easily get all the updated information of Bangladesh Railway by installing the application called Railway Seva on your device. Which is why in today’s discussion we will show you all the detailed information on how to download the rail service application for PC and iPhone.

Rail Sheba App Download

Bangladesh Railway plays an important role in moving from one end of the country to the other. Because by traveling in this building you will be able to travel by rail to any part of the country at the most safe and affordable rate.

On 26th March 2022, e-ticketing service has been launched through a new server of Shotoz.com to make Bangladesh Railway. Although simple companies may take some time to fix their servers, you will definitely want to book railway tickets online.

Besides, he has expressed interest to know about the time schedule of all the trains operating in Bangladesh. In this case, Rail Sheba app will play an important role for you. If you don’t know how to download rail service app, then this article has been written for you today. Where we will show you how to download this application.


Rail Sheba App Download for Mobile

Those of you who are smartphone users can collect the model service mobile application of your phone. Because the official application to make Bangladesh Railway has been released in Google Play Store. To download the mobile app, first log in to your Google Play Store. Enter the railway service and search in the search box. The official one of this service will appear in front of you. You have to install it.

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Rail Sheba App for PC Windows Users

For those of you who want to use the computer rail service app, we would like to say that this application is given a direct link on the official website of Bangladesh Railway. If you enter the official website of Bangladesh Railway, you can download the Rail Service app according to your computer’s Windows on the homepage. In addition, to help you, we have provided a link at the bottom of the link to click on the rail service application will be downloaded.

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Rail Sheba App for iphone

There are many users in our country who do not use Android devices. In this case, you are a user of iPhone’s iOS, which is why you want to install the Rail Sheba app on your phone. In this case, if you want to say for your purpose, just visit the official website of the railway service, there you will see some options, iPhone, iOS, if you click on this option, your application will be downloaded.

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