Prepared Your Favourite Dish | Preparing Delicious Dish

The class 8  Assignment 2nd week has revealed now. So, students have got it from their school. According to the Assignment, 2 more subject work have added. English is one of them.

Preparing a Delicious Dish

There is no man in the world who no favorite dish. Man like to eat the dish. However, it tastes more delicious when it is cooked by yourself.  However, most of them do not know how to prepare it. In addition we are going to present and share our thoughts with you.

First wash the fruits and peel them . Then cut the fruits into small pieces and keep them in a bowl . Now boil the milk in a pot . Next mix sugar with it and stir well . Take the custard powder in a small cup , put 4 tablespoons of cold milk and mix well . Now , pour the mixture into the boiling milk and stir well . Boil for five minutes , stirring it all the time . After that , take the pot off the stove . Let the custard cool . Finally pour it into the fruit bowl . Now , the delicious custard is ready to eat .

Muntasir Srabon

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