pims police gov bd – Personnel Information Management System BP

Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) of Bangladesh Police A special website has been created by Bangladesh Ministry of Home Affairs on the basis of which every citizen of Bangladesh can now update all their information if they want. Bangladesh Police is always ready to provide all kinds of legal services starting from the safety of life and property of all the citizens of the country and now every activity based on online has been launched to conduct all the activities in digital way. In view of this, currently a website of Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) pims police gov bd has been launched which is suitable for public use and as a citizen of Bangladesh you can use this website properly if you want.

In today’s article, we have presented detailed information about what services are offered to the public on the pims police gov bd website and how to perform them here. We think that on the basis of the information provided by us, you can find out the service you need in a short time and on the basis of this important information, you can login to this website under the control of Bangladesh Police at the right time.

PIMS Login

Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) is a popular website of Bangladesh police control and launched in 2016 on this website which is increasing day by day the number of users. As a police officer you can update all your personal information based on this website now or you have to resort to this website to get any information and services of Bangladesh Police. As a police officer, whenever you want to enter this website, after entering the official home page, a login page will appear in front of you.

But there are many people who don’t know the correct information about how to login based on this website in order to know them, here we have given detailed idea about how to login based on the official website of Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) and if you follow our instructions then definitely on the official page. Login is allowed.

First we have shared a link for you and after clicking this link (https://pims.police.gov.bd) the home page will appear in front of you. Then you will see an option written there login after clicking there you have to enter a user name i.e. your national identity card or police id number. Enter the correct username and password you used when opening the account. If the information you have entered is correct, click on Log in and you will be able to enter your profile and update all your information from there.

All the information that we have shared for you in the above section is correct and if you follow the instructions given by us correctly, you can definitely access the official server of Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) of Bangladesh Police and easily enjoy all their services that are used in the interest of the people. Can do. You can read our other articles to know any information about all other government websites of Bangladesh.