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Primary Education Stipend Program PESP is an important for those who are interested in getting primary scholarship in general. Students all over Bangladesh who want to accept scholarship to present themselves in different fields every year. Every year thousands of poor and meritorious students are given stipends by Bangladesh government and all the activities of this stipend are being done through a specific website.

As your child or someone else is eligible for the scholarship then he/she has to fill an application form online and there is a special website for filling this application form which here we have discussed with you in detail about this website. There is a specific website for the stipend that is given every year to the Department of Primary Education and the link to this website is only available from our website.

Primary Education Stipend Program PESP We have given you the correct information to enter the website on the basis of which their records are being announced for each program. If your child wants to get the scholarship then you must visit this website and know the login instructions. So right now you must have asked for correct information about the functionality of this web site.

pesp finance gov bd/pesp/login

If you have already qualified to apply based on their ( website, you are given a username and password and can only login into it. In this case, we have first shared an official link with you and whenever you click on this link, the login page will be shown in front of you. Then correctly mention the username and password that you used while opening your account.

If the information you used is correct, click on the login option and enter your profile, showing the information about the current status of your ellipse. This way you can access your personal profile and you are correctly mentioned whether you are eligible for the scholarship.

pesp finance gov bd/pesp/login Password

Primary Education Stipend Program PESP their activities are based on this specific website due to which you can now access their server and update all your personal information. But in many cases you are given a correct password and if you forget it for some reason you have to recover the password correctly. In this case, provide the correct mobile number of the parent who was used for your child while opening the account. If the information you use is correct, a verification code will be sent to your mobile number and you can change the password only by using this code.

Your password is most important to login through the Primary Education Stipend Program PESP official website, so you must complete the login based on the correct password. However, if you forget the password for any reason, set up a new password based on the correct information. All the information that we have shared for you in the above part is related to login to the official website and if you face any difficulty you must express it in our own comment box. We will try our best to give you accurate information.

PESP Finance Gov BD PESP Applicant New

Primary Education Stipend Program PESP provides stipend to new students every year so if your child is eligible for the stipend then apply online as a new applicant through this website. In this case, you have to enter the official server based on the link given here and create your own profile. After clicking on our link, an application form will appear in front of you and you can complete the application for the scholarship only as a new applicant by providing correct information everywhere.