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Write an Essay About People”s Awareness to Fight Covid in Bangladesh

Coronavirus is a new virus invented by Sampriti which has deprived the people of Bangladesh of sleep. This virus has been present in our country for a long time. Although our government has tried to prevent it in various ways, it has not been possible to prevent it so far. To survive the coronavirus. Here is a detailed discussion of what precautions you can take to avoid coronavirus.

It is not possible to eradicate this virus completely, so we have to be careful about this virus. For which we need public awareness. People need to know all the details about how to prevent corona virus. Maintain a safe distance and do not leave the house without your necessary work. If you need to get out of the house in case of any need, then you must get out of the house wearing face mask. You must wash your hands with soap or Jason on the handset when returning home from outside. If you are not infected then voluntarily go to Home Isolation and follow the doctor’s advice.

Muntasir Srabon

Muntasir Srabon is a student of Masters Of Arts from National University Of Bangladesh under Rajshahi College. During his graduation he has taken different types of courses on Writing Skills. He has a lots of experienced of managing several article publishing websites. Now he is working as a Freelance Writer for different international projects.
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