mutation land gov bd – আবেদনের সর্বশেষ অবস্থা – নামজারি আবেদন

Bangladesh Ministry of Lands has now introduced the system of doing all the activities online through digital method and in this context all the land owners of the country are going to enjoy great benefits. Now you have to visit different websites to get any information and services online for all the land related complications. Bangladesh Ministry of Lands has now launched several websites to divide each of their activities into separate sectors based on which they have certain work restrictions.

mutation land gov bd is a government website that is less familiar to all of us and we are interested to know about the usage rules of this website. In order to help you, I have tried to present some information about this website through today’s article and have given a detailed idea about which services are open for citizens on this website. So those of you who want to get this information online must read our entire article and after collecting the information from here you can know all the information you need to know about your land.

mutation. Login

mutation land gov bd This website was launched around 2017 and it is arranged in several categories due to which this website plays a helpful role for those who own land or are interested in changing their land ownership. One of the things you are interested in knowing right now is how to login through this website. For the purpose of giving you correct information, here we want to say that there is a rule to login to the official website.

For the purpose of login you must remember that you can login only after becoming their restart member ie if you have not already completed the registration based on their official website please complete the registration as soon as possible. Once the registration is complete, it will be very easy for you to login and you can login based on our instructions below.

  • If you want to login then please enter this link we have shared an official link (
  • If you click on the login option from the official home page, you have to enter the username and password that you used while opening your account.
  • Click on Submit option to see your section and access your dashboard.
  • Later, you can log in and view all activities from online application form to remove any kind of questions or complications related to land.

mutation. Check

mutation. check You can use this link to check the current status of your application. Suppose you have purchased a new piece of land and to find out who owns the land or how many steps the ownership of the land has changed, you must first enter this link. After entering the link, the official website will appear in front of you, enter the rejection number of your land correctly. Whenever you fill the form correctly with your rejection number and several details and click on the submit option at the bottom. Finally the information about your current land application status will be shown and from that you can know all kinds of information.