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Subject wise online training program under National Curriculum Delivery Program for Secondary School Teachers has started today from 24th December 2010. The teachers of every institution at the secondary level of Bangladesh have been instructed to participate in this online course. muktopaath is playing the most important role in adopting digital methods in education.

This special online course has been arranged to cover all the subject-related activities of the teachers of all secondary level institutions and secondary level schools, madrasas and technical education institutions online in 2023. For this purpose, a notice was published on their official website on December 22 and this notice has been sent to teachers at each secondary level through email.

muktopaath authority has now introduced this special system for secondary level teachers and they have to login with their user id through online. But there are many teachers who so far do not know the correct information about how to join them doing this online. In order to give them the correct information, we have arranged their login for you based on each subject here.

muktopaath gov bd Course Details

The training program is going to be started as a part of continuous training of teachers to implement the curriculum for every teacher to participate in muktopaath online based activities. In this situation, it is mandatory for every teacher to participate in their online courses. However, a slightly different arrangement has been adopted for teachers due to which now online courses are being brought under the purview of each teacher based on their subject.

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As a teacher, you must follow the correct instructions to participate in subject-based online courses. In this case we are ready to help you and have shared detailed information about how to participate online in the below section.

  • First open a browser from your mobile or computer device and enter the website.
  • Then a login page will appear in front of you.
  • Provide the User ID given to you by the school authority at the appropriate place.
  • Enter your assigned password in the below section.
  • After clicking on the login option, your profile will be entered.
  • Then you can now participate in all online based courses.

Each teacher has to login using their user ID password based on the laps of each subject. But for the purpose of helping you, we have shared the login link for each code separately. Due to which now you can easily participate in thematic online activities.

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