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A severe lockdown has been announced across the country since April 14 due to the increase in coronavirus. A number of restrictions have been imposed on the week-long lockdown. It says that no person can leave his house without doing some important work. However, to get out, you need to register a movement pass. A new website controlled by Bangladesh Police has been created. There is also a mobile app where you can easily complete your registration.

Movement pass .police gov bd

Bangladesh Police Controlled Movement Pass BD website has been created. Where you can ask any question related to your karna besides your movement pass. As soon as you enter the website, you will have two options. The first is the application for movement pass. The other is corona verification.

Movement pass .police gov bd Working server

Registration of Movement Pass has started from April 13 across the country through mobile app and the said website. According to a survey, 15,000 registrations were completed every hour from 12 noon to 3 pm that day. The official website has gone down due to so many people trying to complete the registration process at once. So at the moment those who are willing to register are looking for a server where they can register. If you want you can apply according to our process.

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Needed Documents for Applications

If you are interested in applying then you need some information and paper to apply. National Identity Card or Birth Registration Card. Or school-college student ID. Mobile number.

How to applyMovement Pass Bangladesh?

Interested candidates can complete the application in two ways.

Through the website.


  • First enter the mobile pass Bangladesh official website.
  • Enter your mobile number. Birth registration card number or national identity card number.
  • Your police station.
  • Where do you want to go?
  • How long will you be out?
  • Your profession.

Complete the registration by entering all the information.

Registration with mobile app

Registration is possible through mobile app. First enter the Google Play Store and search by typing the movement pass keyword. Install and open the mobile app that will come in front of you. Confirm registration by providing all information.