Medical Admission Short Syllabus 2023 with Mark Distribution

Medical Admission Test for 2021 22 academic year will be held on 1st April next from today 28th February 2020. Medical admission qualification application has started across the country. They have already started preparing for the exam. However, the matter regarding them has not been finalized yet.

In the meantime, legal notice has been sent for taking the medical admission test. It is expected that the medical admission syllabus will be published for the students within the next 48 hours. We have published a Sanskrit syllabus here to help the students as well as how to download it in PDF format.

Medical Admission Syllabus

Like every year, this year also medical admission test is going to be taken. Admission test for all government and private MBBS and BDS courses across the country will be held on April 1. Due to the high speed of coronavirus, it was not possible for students to take HSC and equivalent examinations with full syllabus.

Due to which they have not fully developed in this situation, taking the admission test will be impossible for the experts. In such a situation, the University Grants Commission has announced that in the light of the short syllabus, examinations of all the universities including Medical Dhaka University and Jahangirnagar University will be conducted.


However, the University Grants Commission has already finalized the decision to conduct the examination on the basis of Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka University.

Medical MBBS Short Syllabus PDF

Although the policy of medical admission test has been published, there are still doubts about the syllabus. Due to which it is expected that a short syllabus will be published by today. It is expected that some changes will be made this year.

All the subjects of science department will be included. In this situation, the students are eagerly looking for the short syllabus published by the University Grants Commission. I would like to say for their purpose that we have published here briefly that you can download very easily.

MBBS Short Syllabus PDF

MBBS & BDS Mark Distribution

Although the syllabus has been shortened, it is expected that no changes will be made in the distribution of numbers. The one-hour test will have questions on a total of six topics. Where the science department will have question number 20 of biology physics and chemistry.

Where students have to solve every question. On the other hand, there will be 15 to 30 numbers from English and Bengali part. The full value of each question has been kept one by one 100 marks of total 100 questions.