Best Love Status Bangla 2023 for GF BF

I have appeared in this register with new romantic love quotes. From this register, you will know several love words that you can usually send or post to your beloved or loved one. So all those people who are looking for such romantic statuses of love and love, don’t waste any more time and pay attention to our registry, you will get numerous romantic quotes of love by yourself.

In the present society we are all involved in love with each other. Because without love, a life remains incomplete, so to make this life complete, love must be loved. So this love has made life full with love, many people are still trying to make life full with love.

However, all the people who are involved in love love have various storms in this love love. Various sorrows and hardships pass through laughter and joy day after day. From where various memories and stories are made.

Even through all this, sometimes Jharga is a bit murderous with each other. Which usually happens in every human life. But it is nothing like that in personal love life. Everything is as silent as water, clear as glass.

But such love is not heard less in the world or love is not less in the world. New love is constantly being born, new love is taking responsibility of each one.

Just as love is increasing in the world, different sayings and sayings about love are being created among people. People express all the words of love and love among people in the form of rhythm.

But for those lovers who have not been able to develop their own love quotes, we have written several love quotes in this registry that you all can generally use for your own needs.

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Love Romantic Status

All the romantic love statuses. We usually collect them by searching through Google. But only you can tell how much the collected statuses match your life. But all these love quotes that we connect from Google are usually made of other people’s love-love. You usually like talking about someone else’s love or sayings about love.

But they don’t try to understand their love by themselves. If you understand your love correctly, you can make many such quotes yourself. So that you don’t have to search for all these quotes later. Let’s say, know some quotes, status or poems.

জবাব বন্দি সে তুমি নন্দী,, পুড়ে পুড়ে ছারখার।
ঐ আকাশে মেঘেরা ভাসে শত পাখিদের চিৎকার।

তুমি বাউল সাজিয়া ভুবনে ঘুরিয়া কেন গিয়েছিলে গান,, দেখো ছাদকোনে জমা বৃষ্টির জলে গান শালিকার স্নান।

তুমি পাপী সাজিয়া নারীতে মজিয়া তেজিত অবিরত,,, সে নারীর ছোবলে তোমার শরীরে দেখা যায় কত ক্ষত।

** শূন্য ঘরে শূন্য মনে শত অন্ধকারে জোনাকিরা এসে আলোকিত কিছুটা মুহূর্ত,,, যেন তুমি এসে বললে ভালোবাসি তোমাকে প্রিয়।

** ওই পবিত্র চাদটি যখন তার উজ্জ্বল আলো ছুড়ে দেয় সে ঘরের ভাঙা জানালা দিয়ে,,, তখন মনে হয় রূপকথায় সেজেছো তুমি।