Jahangirnagar University H Unit Question Solution 2023 – JU Today Exam MCQ Answer

Admission test of Jahangirnagar University was held on 11th November, 2023 today.  Admission source candidates from different districts of the country have participated in the examination on this day. 

If you have picked up the Admission Form for H Unit of Jahangirnagar University then you must take part in the exam today.

We have collected the question papers of H Unit of Jahangirnagar University and are trying to solve it accurately so hopefully you will collect it from here.

Jahangirnagar University H Unit Question Solution

Jahangirnagar University admission battle was supposed to start from last 7th November but due to some complications it was not possible to take the exam in time. 


Due to which the admission test in Jahangirnagar University started from 9th November.  In continuation of the examination, the examination of H unit of each faculty of Jahangirnagar University will be held on 11th November. 

All the applicants who applied for this unit will participate in the exam and as soon as the exam is over they will be looking for the solution to their exam questions.  In order to help them, we have solved the whole question of the unit at Jahangirnagar University.

Mark Distribution


(Institute of Information Technology, IIT)

Bangla 5, English 10, Mathematics 30 and Physics 15 marks

JU H (IIT) Unit Question Solution 2023

Today, 11th November, Sahaj Jahangirnagar University will conduct unit examinations in different centers. Unit examinations will be conducted through a total of three images.

The first Admission test will be held from 9 am to 9:45 am.  Students will need to solve seven multiple choice questions within 40 minutes.  However, the question will be in the same number as before.

JU H Unit Full MCQ Answer

This 60 number will be verified on the basis of 80 number.  We have solved every MCQ question of H Unit of Jahangirnagar University by experienced faculty who are of the opinion that it will be of great benefit to you.

We are at the very end of the discussion so I want you to collect the solution to the question given to us because we have tried to solve the question 100% correct.  Thank you so much for being with us so long.