Happy Islamic New Year 2021 Wishes | Islamic New Year Wishes 1443

All Muslim countries in the Middle East are going to celebrate the Islamic New Year on August 9 at the same time. The reckoning of the year 44 AH 44 will start from that day which is a day of extreme joy for the Muslims. We use different ways to send greetings on this day. We can easily win the hearts of all our relatives, friends and acquaintances by sending Islamic New Year Wishes. That is why we have collected some Islamic New Year Wishes for you.

Happy Islamic New Year 2021 Wishes

The first day of Muharram of Islamic Arabic Calendar will be celebrated as the Islamic New Year. As usual, the day is observed on the 2nd week of August. However, the day is based on the moon sight of UAE. The UAE Government Declaration has to followed all the Muslim country all over the world. Even, the day will celebrate.

The New Islamic Year Celebration will be incomplete if you have not sent the wishes to your nearest and dearest friends or Family. We share our greetings as Happy Islamic New Year with several types of wishes. For the purpose of the people we have added a collection of Happy Islamic New Year Wishes in English, Urdu, Arabic Language.


Islamic New Year Wishes 1443

The 1442 AD Hijri year is going to be finished on 9th August, 2021. The people are ready to welcome the new Islamic year which is going to began from 10th August, 2021. Muharram is the first month of Lunar Calendar. The first day of Muharram is celebrated as Islamic New Year.

We have presented a collection of Happy Islamic New Year Hijri 1443 Wishes for all the Muslims Community. You should collect it and share for wishes.


Happy Islamic New Year Wishes In English

United States of America USA is going to celebrate the day on 10 August, 2021 by following Middle East Countries. Millions of people of this country are ready to observe the day. The Mother Language of this country is English as well as it is also the International Language.

As a result, people prefer to send the Islamic New Year Wishes in English. Because of people from every sphere can easily understand the wishes which you sent. Lets present a huge collection of Happy Islamic New Year Wishes in English.


Islamic New Year 2021 Date

Islamic New Year Wishes & Prayers

The new day will be started with new prayers. As a Muslim, you must start the day with prayer for happening the Almighty Allah. The mourning begins on the first day of Muharram and continues for ten nights. So, you should take Fasting for those days.


Islamic New Year Wishes In Hindi

16 Crore Indian people is going to celebrate Islamic New Year on 10th August, 2021. As a result, they should like to send the Happy Islamic New Year Wishes to the relatives and friends. Since most of the people of India speak in Hindi, they like to send the New Year Wishes as their own language. We have shared a collection of Wishes for you.


Islamic New Year Message

Islamic New Year Wishes In Urdu

Urdu is a mother Language for Pakistani People as well as 23 other countries are using this language as their mother tongue. The Islamic New Year is coming up. As a Muslim, you should share your thoughts as Wishes in Urdu. So, we have presented a collection of Wishes in Urdu.


Islamic New Year Wishes In Arabic

There are 32 Countries who are using Arabic Language for communication. Specially, the people of Middle East use this language. Even, Arabic is the Holy language because of the Holy Quaran is written in Arabic.

The Muslims who using the language Arabic for their mother tongue must be shared the wishes of Happy Islamic New Year. Lets present some Islamic New Year Wishes in Arabic.


Islamic New Year Wishes For Husband

As a wife, it is your duty to share the wishes of Islamic New Year. So, you need to collect some Wishes. By sharing the wishes your husband heart can be full with joy. In addition, we have added a collection of Wishes for Husband.


Last Words

After reading the article, you should get the full collection of Islamic New Year Wishes. Thank you very much for staying with us.

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