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On August 9, 2022, Muslims around the world will celebrate the Islamic New Year. On that day, the Muslim countries of the Middle East as well as other countries will celebrate the day together with great enthusiasm. Hijri 1444 This day will be celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram which is going to be the beginning of the new year. The Muslim Ummah around the world likes to share the greetings of this day with their close relatives and friends.

Islamic New Year Pictures 2022

In 622 AD, the Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina. The reckoning of the Hijri year begins from the time of the migration of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). The fourteenth 1443 AH is going to start from 9th August, i.e.1444 years of the Hijri year have passed.

This day will be celebrated on the 1st of Muharram and we can make this day more special by sharing Islamic New Year 2022 Picture Images. So we have uploaded some beautiful Islamic New Year images for you here, we hope you can easily share them with your friends and relatives.



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Islamic New Year Images 2022 Download

There are social media including Facebook that everywhere we share pictures of its special day through Facebook status or messaging. Which is why these images are so important to us. More than 100 Islamic New Year images are given here.



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Islamic New Year Images 2022 Download in Urdu

People of some countries of the world including Pakistan speak any language. Following Saudi Arabia, all these countries, including Pakistan, will be celebrating the Islamic New Year at the same time. Which is why they are looking for Islamic first year images in Urdu. We have added some images in Urdu here so that you can share the greetings of this special day in your own language.


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You must celebrate your Islamic New Year by collecting the picture images provided by us. Thank you for staying by our side. We have tried our best by sharing some of the latest Islamic New Year image pictures.