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The Ministry of Health has announced that anyone of the synonymous age will be able to get the Karna virus vaccine. But recently the Ministry of Health announced a new notice that students will be able to get vaccinated for the Karna virus vaccine.
Why is the announcement coming from the Ministry of Education that Khati is calling for the reopening of all educational institutions soon. The good news for all students over the age of 19, including those from national universities, is that the Ministry of Health has created coronavirus opportunities for you through safety apps or websites.
We will now show you all the details of how students can get vaccinated through the safety app or website.

The official website has been launched for all students above 18 years of age from July 19. By accessing this website, students will be able to easily complete their Karna virus ticker registration. You can get detailed information about your Karna virus vaccine just by entering the link given above. You should visit this website for this registration.

Student Corona Vaccine Registration Requirements

The students whose age more than 18 Years studying under National University can easily complete the registration. Do you really want to registration? Then, you should be need the requirements. Student Registration Process


  • At first, Access the website (
  • Then, Select 8 classes (students 18 years and above)
  • Enter the national identity card number, date of birth, the text displayed in the box correctly and click on the “Verify” option.
  • Then select the mobile number, current address, the center from which you want to get the vaccine and click “Save”.
  • In the next step, an OTP will be sent to your given mobile number, you will complete the registration with that.

After completing the registration, your phone will be notified in a message within a few days when, at what time you will go to your registered center to receive the vaccine.

Download App

The authority has submitted the new app for Corona Registration. As a result, you can easily download the app from Google Play Store.

  • Go to google Play Store.
  • Search as Surokkha App.
  • Install it to your Phone.
  • Now you can use this app.

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