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National University Corona Vaccine Registration has been started from 8 July, 2021 and it will be end on 12 July, 2021. NU authority mentioned it that all the students who are studying under National University must submit the information. But it is a matter of sorrow that there are many students who have not go their National ID Card. Because of their National ID Card Registration lately. As a result, they are facing problems.

The National University of Bangladesh has taken some essential steps for the students. The website shows that the students can apply for the vaccine registration after 27 September, 2021. Now we are going to discuss about this matter.

National University Corona Vaccine Registration Last Date 21 September, 2021

NU Corona Registration without NID

There are many students who have not got National ID Card. A question on the students mind that how they can registration without NID. There is a solution to complete the registration.

Go to your National University Affiliated College and talk with your Department teachers. They will help you. Even, they can also National University Helpline Number which is given below the article.




NU Corona Registration without Registration Card

There are many students like Masters session 2018-19 have not got the Registration Card. As a result, they can not apply for the Corona Vaccine. In this case, what will you do?

National University has announced a notice where it is clearly declared that all the students should go to their college and get the registration card from the college. Masters 2018-19 Registration Method


National University Corona Vaccine Registration Correction System 2021

The authority has mentioned it that you can not correction your information if you submitted it. However, there are many people who have submitted it. It is high time to show you the method.

Note: You should go to your College. Then, send your Email.

px0kLGY NU Vaccine Registration

Are you ready for the application? Then, you should visit the website. Meanwhile, the website can not load the huge traffic and sever has down. Lets show you the full method.

  • Visit¬† Website.
  • Put your Registration Number.
  • Your Academic Information will be shown automitically.
  • Put your Date of Birth.
  • National ID Card Number.
  • Vaccine Status must be NO.
  • Where are you staying now.
  • Complete your registration.

Complete Corona Vaccine Registration

By following our instructions you can easily complete your registration.

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