HSC Social Science Assignment Answer 2021 1st & 2nd Paper (Exam 2021)| সমাজবিজ্ঞান অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান

Good news for HSC 2020 candidates The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education released their assignments last night. Many students could not collect the assignment due to delay.
On July 19, the Minister of Education announced that the HSC 2021 examination will be held in December next year. However, optional subjects will be taken up through group based assignments.
Examining the published assignments, it is seen that three subjects have been added for the students of the humanities department, one of which is Sociology, one of which is Sociology, the first letter, Sociology, the second letter, the first chapter, the second, the third week assignments.

HSC Social Science 1st Paper Assignment 2021

Sociology is a very important subject for the students of the humanities department. This subject has been included in most of the colleges in our country and the students have not chosen this subject without any hesitation.
Through the study of this subject we will be able to know about all the methods of mobilizing the society and society. Observing the assignments published on 26th July 2021, we see that the subject of Sociology has been added for the students where a total of three assignments have been submitted in the light of Chapter II Chapter III Chapter III.
Students are urged to submit the assignment to the school within the stipulated time. Let’s not know sociology.
  • Subject Name : Sociology
  • Group : Humanities
  • Publisher : DSHE
  • Publish Date : 26 July, 2021
  • Paper : 1st
  • Website :

HSC Social Science 1st Paper 5th Week Assignment  Answer 2021

HSC 2021 examinees have already realized that the test results will be made in the light of their assignment therefore the importance of the assignment is very high.
As a result, they must answer the assignment correctly or their test results will not be good. As always we have solved the assignment for the students this year which has been made by our experienced college teachers.
We have given you the assignment solution without following any guidebook. We hope you will be satisfied with the assignment solution here and get good results.
Notice for the students
Assignments have been published in the light of 2021 short syllabus in collaboration with the Department of Secondary and Higher Education and the Ministry of Education.  The Ministry of Education is looking for solutions to unique questions.
All these instructions are given below. Students must solve their own questions. No guidebook can be followed or no teacher’s help can be taken.
Students will have to go to college 2 times a week and give their answers. If the answer of one student to another student assignment matches then the over assignment will be declared void.

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