HSC History Assignment Answer 2021 (1st Paper) Exam 2021| ইতিহাস অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান

The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released the first week of the 12-week assignment of SSC candidates for the year 2021 on their official website.
The PDF file of the assignment was uploaded on the official website at 10 pm last night. As per the earlier announcement of Hon’ble Minister of Education, assignments of group based subjects have been given to the students.
The history and world civilization of Bangladesh is a hugely important subject for the students of the humanities department. The first and second week assignment instructions on the subject have been published and we have now presented the solution to you.

HSC History  Assignment (Exam 2021)

Due to the Karna virus, the SSC exams have been delayed for a long time due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time.
Assignment instructions are given on the official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education on 19th July with the aim of creating results through assignments for the remaining group based subjects.
Bangladesh History and World Civilization Assignment has been published where two weeks assignment has been given for the students. Below we provide instructions for the assignment.


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  • Publisher : Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education
  • Publish Date : 26 July, 2021
  • Batch : HSC 2021
  • Website :
  • Weekend : 1st and 2nd
  • Subject Name : History

HSC History Assignment Answer 2021 ( Exam 2021)

The history and world civilization of Bangladesh is a complex subject for all students because in this way you have to know the history of Bangladesh and the history of the outside world by giving the names of different types of kings. Assignments are provided based on the board question paper.
In resolving the assignment, we solved the question with the help of experienced secondary level teachers who did not follow any guidebook. So you can feel free to collect the solution of your assignment from here.

HSC History 1st Paper  Assignment Answer 2021 ( Exam 2021)

The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has jointly provided two weeks of assignments. Here are the first week assignment solutions that you can easily collect and submit to the school.


খিলাফত আন্দোলন ও অসহযোগ আন্দোলনের প্রকৃতি এবং ১৯৪০  সালের লাহোর প্রস্তাবের বৈশিষ্ট্য নিরূপণ

HSC History 2nd Paper Assignment Answer 2021 ( Exam 2021)

The 2nd week assignment is published with the first week. Students have already received it or can save it from our website. We have solved the second week assignment by experienced teachers. You can collect it from here and submit it to the school within the specified time.
ফরাসি বিপ্লব পরবর্তী ফ্রান্সের পুর্ণগঠনে নেপোলিয়ন বোনাপার্টের গণমুখী সংস্কার মূল্যায়ন

Final Notice for the Candidates

For students, we have provided solutions for the first and second week of Bangladesh History and World Civilization Assignment which were not followed by 15 guidebooks or saved from internet. You can definitely find solutions to our questions and use them, but remember that you must solve the questions at your own risk to get good results, so please try your best.

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