HSC BM English Assignment Answer

Bangladesh Technical Education Board BTEB has published an assignment on their official website According to the notice we see that there are 2 subjects included into the assignment. English Assignment has added into it. Students have taken the assignment sheet and looking for the assignment answer. We are very happy to say you that we have published the answer here.

HSC BM English Assignment

Due to the Karana virus, all educational institutions in the country are closed and all institutional activities are closed. However, a great step has been taken by the Ministry of Education to get the students to pass the next class. Bangladesh Technical Education Board published an assignment for HSC BM students on their website on January 21, 2000. All the students have already collected the download. If you have received an assignment, you will see that two topics have been added this time. English is one of them. Questions were asked from fast paper and second bar in English assignment based on Total 60  marks.

HSC BM English Assignment Answer

The students have received the assignment but they have to submit their assignment to the school within a certain time. Students on the other hand what kind of guidebook. However, they can use the textbook. We have answered the assignment for your help. Our expert team have solved it. Please take a look here and take your answer.

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English Assignment 2

1. Part-A (Grammar): Transitive verb, intransitive verb, gerund,participle, infinitive, voice) 2. Part-B (Guided Writing)

Part A (Grammar)-12

1. Find out transitive verb, intransitive verb, gerund, participle and infinitive from the underlined words.

(a) We found him singing (Participle) on the stage.

(b) The flowers are about to bloom (Infinitive).

(c) Collecting (Gerund) stamps is her hobby.

(d) Success depends (Intransitive verb) on hard work.

(e) They catch (Transitive verb) fish.

(f) Japan is a developed (Participle) country.

(g) They walk (Intransitive verb) in the open field.

(h) He donated (Transitive verb) the land.

2. Change the voice of the following sentences:

(a) Tell him to go.

Ans: Let him be told to go.

(c) He draws a picture.

Ans: A picture is drawn by him.

(e) Do you love me?

Ans: Am I loved by you?

(g) We ought to help the poor.

Ans: The poor ought to be helped by us.

(b) Post the letter.

Ans: Let the letter be posted.

(d) They will help me.

Ans: I will be helped by them.

(f) I saw him reading a novel.

Ans: He was seen reading a novel by me.

(h) Do not waste your time.

Ans: Let not your time be wasted.

3. Fill in the gaps with the given words and phrases in the box.
have to it as if with a view to
There on account of was born had better

(a) They — leave the place now.

(c) My father – in 1970.

(e) – is morning now.

(g) She acts – she were a queen.

(b) The police — arrest the criminal,

(d) — illness, he could not come out.

(f) — were many trees around our college,

(h) I went to Dhaka – finding a job.

Answers: a) had better I b) have to c) was born d) On account of e) It f) There g) as if h) with a view to.

Part B (Guided Writing)

4. Suppose, your friend Ruma has sent you a nice present on your birthday. Now write a letter of thanks to your friend.

My dear Ruma


I want to thank you a lot for the wonderful birthday gift that you have sent for me. My birthday passed smoothly and happily yesterday. However, we all missed you. I received your kind letter and charming present just in time. I can realize how much you love me and why you could not come. Though you tried your best to do so. Believe me, my dear friend, of all presents I got yours is the loveliest. I had long been in need of a new camera and it has come from you. How could you guess my thoughts wonder. I shall now be able to take some really fine pictures with it.

In fact, I had a camera which was presented by my father. However, at present I cannot use it, my younger brother has broken it recently. I took many pictures with that camera when I went to visit different places of interest. I remember my uncle had a very good camera. He bought it when he stayed in the USA.

However, I heartily thank you for the charming present and I shall always keep it as a token of your deep love for me. I shall write to you all about my birthday party in the next letter. Wishing you all the best.

I opened the gift I could not believe my eyes that it was of the same kind that I had thought of. Thank you once.

Ever yours


5. Write a paragraph of about 100 words based on the following questions:

(a) What is COVID-19?

(b) How does it spread?

(c) How does an epidemic hamper the social life?

(d) What is the effect of COVID-19 in our economics?

(e) How can we control the epidemic?

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