HSC Biology 1st, 2nd Paper Assignment Answer 2021

The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has published the assignments of HSC 2021 candidates on their official website on the afternoon of 19th August.  The students have already completed the second week SMS in the first week and in a very short time the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education published the third week assignment in a very short time. 

Assignments in a total of three subjects were given to the students of the science department, out of which the second paper of Biology was re-added to the assignment of the third week.  We present to you the solution of Biology II Paper 3rd week assignment. We hope you find this assignment solution useful.

HSC Biology 2nd Paper (3rd Week) Assignment

For the high school examinees, all the students of the science department put the subject of biology on their preferred list.  If biology is on your list of favorites, then you have already re-examined the biology subject of the third week assignment, but this time a new change has been made. 

Students have been instructed to submit their assignments to the school within the stipulated time from the first chapter of Biology II Paper. Let’s see what is in the assignment in the third week HSC Assignment 2021 Biology Second Paper.



বৈশিষ্ট্যের ভিত্তিতে কর্ডাটা পর্বের প্রাণীসমূহের শ্রেণীবিন্যাসকরণ

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