HSC Assignment 2021 1st Week Published (Exam 2021) PDF Download

The HSC examination for the 2021 academic year was supposed to start from April 1, 2021. But it could not be taken on time. Due to the high spreading of coronavirus, HSC exams are scheduled for the safety of the infected students.
After much speculation about the date of the exam, The Education Minister Dipu Moni announced on an online Facebook page on July 15 that the HSC 2021 exam could be taken in December to reduce the rate of corona virus infection.
However, the students are not getting any kind of auto pass this year. In which the results of the examination of the students will be prepared in the light of SSC and JSC number mapping subjects and assignments.
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HSC Assignment 2021 1st Week

HSC Assignment 2021 has already been sent to the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. 30 of 15 weeks will be given after completing these 84 days of class activities based on the short syllabus of the students.
Today we have published the HSC Assignment 2021 along with its solution sent from the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. We hope you will collect it from here. The 1st Week assignment has not reached now. The DSHE Chairman said that today is the day of published the assignment. But it is a matter of sorrow that it has not been out. We should wait for the revealed.
এবারের এইচএসসির অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট এখনও হাতে পায়নি শিক্ষা অধিদপ্তর
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HSC 1st Week Assignment 2021 PDF Download

The first week assignments of HSC 2021 candidates of 30 assignments running for 15 weeks have been published on the official website of Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) on 25 July 2000 21. If you are an examinee for the 2021 academic year then this assignment is very important for you.
Because in the light of this assignment your HSC exam results will be made. HSC candidates have to submit assignments in a total of 6 papers i.e. first paper and second paper on three group based elective subjects. Five assignments will have to be submitted in college and a total of 2 assignments will be given in a week and students will submit it to their college at the specified time.
Assignment tasks must be given in the light of the short syllabus and in this way the syllabus of the students will be completed. Students of other compulsory subjects including Bengali and English and no assignment of any kind will be accepted.
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HSC 1st Week Assignment Answer

The HSC first week assignment was published on the official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education on 25 July, 2021. Assignment assignments are based on two group-based assignments. Assignments have been published for all of the Department of Science, Department of Humanities and Department of Business Education. Now we will try to give all the solutions of your assignment here.
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HSC Science Group 1st Week Assignment Answer 2021

There are two subject included in the 1st Week for all science group students. Students all over the country are searching the assignment here and there. We have ensured it that we provide the answer. Our experienced college teachers have solved all the questions. Lets show you the answer.

HSC Humanities Group 1st Week Assignment Answer

A large number of candidates will seat for HSC Exam 2021 under Humanities group. The assignment of this group has also published on the same date. We hope that you have collected it. However, the most important thing is that you need the answer. We have answered all the questions. So, you should collect it from here.

After reading the article, you must get the answer. We will not follow any guidebook. So, you should follow the answer. However, we highly recommend you that you should avoid to copying any answer. Thank you very much.

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