HSC 5th Week Assignment 2022 Answer Science, Humanities & Business Studies

The HSC Fifth Week Assignment was published by the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education on their official website on 15 August 2021. Due to the Corona virus, the educational institutions have been closed for a long time and the students are lagging behind in their studies.
A short syllabus for 2022 HSC candidates was published last month with the aim of keeping the students’ studies going. In light of this short syllabus, NCTB handed over 30 weeks assignment instructions.

HSC 5th Week Assignment 2022

The 5th week of the ongoing assignment has been published where the assignment instructions of each of the four subjects have been given to the students of the Department of Humanities and Business Education. We will now discuss the assignment and provide the answer.

HSC 5th Week Assignment 2022 Answer

Although the students have already received the fifth week assignment, they are currently working on the solution of the assignment. But unfortunately they will not be able to complete the assignment by following any guidebook. We are always on hand to help the students. We have solved the fifth week HSC assignment by an experienced faculty. We hope you will save it from here.

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