HSC 5th Week Assignment 2021 (Published) PDF Download Science, Humanities & Business Studies Assignment Question

According to the Education Minister’s announcement, it was not possible to take the HSC 2021 exam on time this year due to coronavirus, which is why it is expected that the HSC 2021 exam may be taken in the last week of December.
Due to delays in taking exams, it is impossible for students to complete the entire syllabus in a short period of time. To this end, Hon’ble Education Minister Dipu Moni announced that only the required subjects will be examined for a period of one and a half hours.
However, all the group based subjects will be given a total of 24 weeks assignment instruction and it is expected that the results of the students will be verified in the light of the assignment. Shortly after the announcement, from July 26, NCTB released the assignment guidelines for the HSC 2021 examinees in the light of the short syllabus.

HSC 5th Week Assignment 2021

The assignment of the fifth step i.e. the fifth week is about to be published. The 24-week assignment will be handled by the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education and all assignments will be published through their official website.
To this end, the fifth week assignment instructions for HSC 2021 candidates dated 24th August 2000 have been given. We will discuss it today and try to provide the solution for the fifth week assignment.

HSC 5th Week Assignment Question 2021

Students will have already submitted their fourth week assignment. The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education will monitor each college assignment smoothly.
Students will be able to download the fifth week assignment instructions from the official website as soon as they are published and we will upload the PDF file on our website.

HSC 5th Week Assignment 2021 PDF Download

This week’s assignment shows that a total of twelve subjects have been instructed separately for humanities and business education for students.
Of which two assignment instructions have been given for humanities students, two for science students and two for business education students. Done.
We have shared the PDF File of 5th Week Assignment. So, you should collect it from here.

HSC 5th Week Science Group Assignment 2021

As a science group student, you have received instruction in a total of two aspects of the fifth week assignment. Assignment Guidelines have been published for the students of Science Department by combining the 4th subject Higher Mathematics with Biology 2nd Paper, Physics 2nd Paper and Chemistry 2nd Paper. We have tried to present the assignment separately here.

HSC 5th Week Humanities Group Assignment 2021

For the students of the humanities department, we would like to inform you that your weekly assignment guide has been published where a total of 3 subjects have been instructed. Second Paper Economy 2nd Paper,  History 2nd Paper, Sociology 2nd Paper, Social Work 2nd Paper, History of Islam 2nd Paper Done. So if you are a HSC 2021 examinee in the humanities department, then you can collect the assignments from here.

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