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We all know about General Diary and every people from rural to urban areas of Bangladesh are now familiar with it. General Diary GD which is generally a legal practice by which a person can take any right action against any person or thing. Bangladesh Police decided to do all the activities online due to which now all the activities are done digitally.

A special application and website has been created for those who want to eliminate legal complications online and are interested in doing general diary. Through today’s article we have detailed information about the official website created by Bangladesh Police. Follow the information that we have provided here for you and you can complete the registration based on following it correctly. Share details about how to do general diary online starting from opening my account.

gd police gov bd Registration

To do general diary online, you have to register first on the official website. In this case, there are many people who have no idea about how to register. In order to give them correct information, we have shared here the exact rules for registration.


  • First click on the official link ( provided by us.
  • Enter your National Identity Card Number or Birth Registration Number correctly.
  • Input your current address.
  • Next step is to take your live photo so take your life photo properly.
  • In the last part the creation of your profile is complete and you are now able to complete the registration.

Online GD Login

First of all you need to complete the registration for doing general diary online and detailed information about how to register is given in the above section. In the next step you have to login and you can apply from your profile only by logging in.

  • If you want to login, first click on the link ( given here.
  • Enter your mobile number correctly in the user name space provided.
  • Next enter the password you used.
  • A one-time password will be sent to your mobile number. Enter that number correctly in the appropriate space.
  • In the last part you will be login and from your profile it is now possible to do General Diary GD online.

Online GD Application

To do GD through online, first you have to register through the rules given in the above section and once the registration is done you have to login properly. After logging into your account, you will need to know some information and provide information about the things you want to mention. You can use the information to complete the general diary online later.

Online GD Status Check

Suppose you have done General Diary online and there is a specific rule to check the information about your current GD status. Those of you who want to check this current status online can follow the instructions given by you.

  • To check current GD status online first click on the link ( given by us.
  • Correctly enter the tracking number given to you while applying online.
  • If the information you used is correct, you will see the current status of your GD.