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Justify the statement- Festivals are for Everyone

Assignments for 2022 SSC candidates are being published for 25 weeks. The English subject has been added to the second week assignment where the students are instructed to do an assignment in the light of the third chapter. We now present to you the solution of this assignment.

Justify the statement festivals are for everyone

There are several festivals in Bangladesh, some of which are common events such as Eid-ul-Fitr, Ekushey, February, Independence Day, Victory Day, First Boishakh, Durga Puja, Christmas. Some of these are social festivals and some are religious festivals. All these social and religious festivals are celebrated in our country with great enthusiasm. We will share all the information about your experience of each social and religious festival.
What are the most common events and festivals in Bangladesh?
We have listed The most common events and festivals in Bangladesh. Lets show you all the festivals.
• Eid-ul-Fitr
• Ekushey
• Independence Day
• Victory Day
• Pahela Boishakh
• Durga Puja
• Christmas
Narrate your own experience to take part in some events and festivals in your locality
My experience taking part in some events and festival in my locality has been added below the article.
Festivals are for everyone. My justification for this statement is as follows

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