Fahmida along with her brothers and sisters cheered| Completing the Story

The 2nd week task assignment has out now. Candidates have got it from their school. As a student of class 6 you must have taken it. It is high time to get the English Assignment Answer. The English assignment works informs you to submit a completing story which is based on your textbook. Lets show you the answer.

Fahmida along with her brothers and sisters cheered Story Writing

Do you know how to write a story? Generally you must need a good basic in English and making a story. Firstly you should read the incomplete story. Then, you must write after this.

After finishing it, you should provide a Title which is acceptable for the story. Fahmida Story completed through our special team. Lets check it.




Title : Fahmida’s One Day

Fahmida loves eating , Both of her for completing story . parents are good cook but she is Students DO NOT very fond of her father’s cooking need to reproduce the Mr. Rahman tries different new part of the story told items . It was a weekend and here . However , if any raining heavily outside . Mr. student reproduce it , Rahman declared , ” Hey guys , I’m DO NOT penalize . going to cook for you today ” . Fahmida along with her brothers and sisters cheered – Yeeh ! Mrs. Rahman said ….



Muntasir Srabon

Muntasir Srabon is a student of Masters Of Arts from National University Of Bangladesh under Rajshahi College. During his graduation he has taken different types of courses on Writing Skills. He has a lots of experienced of managing several article publishing websites. Now he is working as a Freelance Writer for different international projects.
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