etiket railway gov bd – Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing Service

Bangladesh Railway Authority has now decided to conduct their operations in a completely digital manner due to which now every passenger can purchase tickets through online. Bangladesh Railways is playing the most important role for safe travel from one place to another place in Bangladesh and a special website has been launched to conduct all the activities in digital manner due to which the passengers now get several facilities.

Earlier you had to stand in long queues to buy railway tickets but nowadays in digitalization you can buy tickets online from your home using your smartphone laptop computer. The website that plays the most important role in online ticket purchase is etikel railway gov bd which is a government website and through this website a passenger can perform all his activities from here.

In today’s article we have given you detailed information about this website based on which you can know some special information and understand how this website works. How to buy tickets online and how to complete the registration by using the website at etikel railway gov bd is playing a special role in knowing all kinds of information regarding the current location of the train. So follow the instructions given below and correctly verify the information you should know.

E ticket Railway gov bd Registration

Etikel railway gov bd now all the activities can be conducted through this website, because of which you who want to buy railway tickets online, you have to register by entering the website. We have published here the detailed rules for registration.


  • For the purpose of registration, firstly enter the link given here (
  • After entering the website, an option to register will appear in front of you.
  • Enter your full name, email, mobile number, your date of birth, address, post code correctly in the appropriate place.
  • In the lower part you will get an option to write your password, enter your password correctly twice.
  • Finally upload any photo of your birth registration certificate or passport.
  • Once you submit your information, you become a registered member.
  • Later, if you want online, you can easily find all the information related to the current location of the train ticket online.

www e-ticket railway gov bd Login

Whenever you have completed their registration and joined them as a member. Later you have to login to the official website to conduct any activity through online. But unfortunately, due to that, in many cases, there is a problem with the login link. In this situation, you may face extreme problems in buying tickets and because tickets are very important for you at the moment, you are going to login to the official server.

We have published here the correct instructions to login www e-ticket railway gov bd. If you want, click on the link given here and enter the correct mobile number that you used to register in front of you. Enter the password that you have used correctly where you will get the login option. If the information you provided is correct, click on the last login option and enter your profile. You can thus manage every activity from here and get everything from online ticketing to tracking the train’s current position.